Research First Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

Research Day One


Know in advance the faculty member that will guide you through your first research rotation.
Find Your Lab Group


Rotate among other groups to experience our signature research programs (optional), or stay with your first group.
Personalized Coursework


Work to design a program of coursework tailored to complement your unique research endeavors.

Start Your Research on Day One

Our program offers a unique research first experience. This allows our students to step into a research group from the moment they arrive on campus. The research first approach gives our students a head-start on their research projects, and it's consistently listed as one of the most beneficial aspects of our graduate program.

Find a Lab to Call Home

We provide our students three different opportunities to explore research groups within our department. Your first rotation will be listed on your offer of admission, as we will work to pair you with one of your top three rotation preferences. This is the group you will start with in the fall. From there, you will have two more opportunities to rotate into a different group, usually a few months apart. During your second semester, the time will come to select a group. Once you rotate out of a group, you will have the opportunity to rotate back into the group if you choose (space permitting).

We want to make sure you find the right home for your time in our program, so we give you every opportunity to discover the right fit.

Take the Classes that Matter Most

To accompany our research first approach to graduate study, we work with our students to create a Program of Study that aligns their coursework with their research. You became a well-rounded student as an undergraduate, now become an expert chemist with courses that will impact your future as an independent scientist.

Ph.D. Timeline

Put Your Research First