Department of Chemistry Resource Center

taff and faculty installing clear barriers in laboratory

In the Chemistry Resource Center, students have access to free tutoring by teaching assistants! Please come by and see us. We are happy to help.

227 Hamilton Hall
Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Resource Center
Resource Center
Resource Center

Chemistry Resource Center Faculty

Dr. Hartung
Richard Hartung Lecturer
508 Hamilton Hall
(402) 472-2737
Prof. Kautz
Jason Kautz Prof. of Practice
227C Hamilton Hall
(402) 472-3514
Prof. Malina
Eric Malina Assoc. Prof. of Practice
227H Hamilton Hall
(402) 472-5053
Prof. Pande
Seema Pande Lecturer
545 Hamilton Hall
(402) 472-2550
Prof. Sun
Shuo Sun Lecturer
227J Hamilton Hall
(402) 472-9398
Prof. Zohner
Leah Zohner Lecturer
546A Hamilton Hall
(402) 472-3707

Chemistry Resource Center Staff

The sole duty of the resource room staff is to help students learn general chemistry. We are here to make sure that everything associated with teaching goes smoothly. When you have questions, bring them to any of us. When we are busy it may be a moment before we have time to speak with you, but you will have our full attention when your turn comes.

McKayla Miller
McKayla Miller Lab Manager
227B Hamilton Hall
(402) 472-3812 (voice)
Kayleen Walsh
Kayleen Walsh Staff Assistant
227 Hamilton Hall
(402) 472-3514 (voice)

Ruben Spretz
Ruben Spretz Laboratory Storekeeper
213 Hamilton Hall
(402) 472-2500 (voice)

Bob Wilson
Bob Wilson Laboratory Storekeeper
401 Hamilton Hall
(402) 472-4739 (voice)