Ph.D. Timeline

The time for completion of a Ph.D. varies, four to six years is typical. A sample timeline under the Research First program is broken down in milestones for students as below.

First year (G1): complete core course in Chemistry; selection of a lab & a supervisory committee; first year of seminar

  • Summer before first semester (optional):  research rotations
  • First Semester: research rotations; selection of a lab; take core courses
  • Second Semester: selection and first meeting of supervisory committee; selection of course work for Program of Study.

Second year (G2): continue/complete all course work;Research Update Interview (RUI).

  • First Semester:Present a seminar.
  • Second Semester: Research Update Interview with supervisory committee for progress assessment and classification.

Third year (G3): Original Proposal Oral exam (OPO)

  • First Semester: Original Proposal Oral exam with supervisory committee.
  • Second Semester: Present a seminar.

Fourth year (G4): evaluate research progress

  • Second Semester: meeting with supervisory committee; discussion of time to graduation

Complete research; write thesis; final defense of thesis work and examination by supervisory committee; Ph.D. conferred