Chemistry Facilities
Chemistry Facilities

At UNL’s Department of Chemistry, we put an incredible value on effective, innovative research. We invest in cutting-edge technology that helps make it happen.

Here you’ll find information about our various facilities, such as NMR, Mass Spec, UIC, Instrument Shop, Information Technology and Electronics (ITE) Shop, and more.

700MHz NMR at RIF

Research Instrumentation Facility (RIF)

The Research Instrumentation Facility (RIF) in the department of Chemistry is equipped with a wide variety of instrumentation for chemical analysis including NMR, optical spectroscopy, thermal analysis and GC-MS. Our primary mission is to support the research within this department and the wider University system but we are additionally available to support the analytical chemistry needs of other academic institutions, research laboratories, businesses and individuals.

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Nebraska Center for Mass Spectrometry

Nebraska Center for Mass Spectrometry (NCMS)

The University of Nebraska's flagship campus here in Lincoln holds a unique position internationally in the field of mass spectrometry building upon this powerful heritage in MS, from gas phase ion chemistry, and some of the world's first FT- and multi-sector instruments (Gross, Wilkins, Meisels), to H-D exchange, and some of the most important experiments to study protein folding by MS (Smith, Engen).

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Undergraduate Instrumentation Center (UIC)

Welcome to the Undergraduate Instrumentation Center web site. The Undergraduate Instrumentation Center (UIC) is located in room 414 of Hamilton Hall. The lab houses a wide variety of analytical instrumentation that is primarily used by undergraduate students for both classroom labs and research projects. Graduate students may also utilize these instruments, but undergraduate labs and research projects get first priority.

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IT and Electronics Shop

Information Technology and Electronics (ITE) Shop

The Information Technology and Electronics (ITE) Shop in Chemistry Department provides a very wide range of services from computer/research instruments repairs to custom design and construction of department webpages/research instruments. The shop also stocks a wide variety of electronics parts to use in repairs and construction. We support students, faculty, and staff to empower your teaching, learning, research, and creative activities.

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CNC Mill at Instrument Shop

Instrument Shop

The Chemistry / Physics & Astronomy Instrument Shop builds, modifies and repairs Scientific Instruments that are used in the sciences.

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