Faculty Directory-Category


David Berkowitz Profile Photo

David Berkowitz

Willa Cather Professor(402) 472-2738824A Hamilton Hall
Barry Cheung Profile Photo

Barry Cheung

Associate Professor(402) 472-5172514A Hamilton Hall
Eric Dodds Profile Photo

Eric Dodds

Associate Professor(402) 472-3592711 Hamilton Hall
Liangcheng Du Profile Photo

Liangcheng Du

Professor & Interim Vice Chair(402) 472-2998 (Lab) 
(402) 472-3502 (Vice Chair Office)
729(Lab) 551A(Vice Chair Office) Hamilton Hall
Patrick Dussault Profile Photo

Patrick Dussault

Charles Bessey Professor(402) 472-6951809B/810 Hamilton Hall
Joseph S. Francisco Profile Photo

Joseph S. Francisco

Elmer H. and Ruby M. Cordes Chair in Chemistry & 
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
(402) 472-6262433 Hamilton Hall
Mark Griep Profile Photo

Mark Griep

Associate Professor(402) 472-3429736 Hamilton Hall
Jiantao Guo Profile Photo

Jiantao Guo

Associate Professor(402) 472-3525634AA Hamilton Hall
David Hage Profile Photo

David Hage

James Hewett University Professor of Chemistry(402) 472-2744704 Hamilton Hall
Gerard Harbison Profile Photo
Rebecca Lai Profile Photo

Rebecca Lai

Susan J. Rosowski Associate Professor(402) 472-5340651 Hamilton Hall
Marjorie Langell Profile Photo

Marjorie Langell

Charles Bessey Professor(402) 472-2702629 Hamilton Hall
Hui Li Profile Photo

Hui Li

Associate Professor(402) 472-5232431 Hamilton Hall
Alena Moon Profile Photo

Alena Moon

Assistant Professor (402) 472-9402 551 Hamilton Hall
Stephen A. Morin Profile Photo

Stephen A. Morin

Assistant Professor(402) 472-4608409C Hamilton Hall
Lawrence Parkhurst Profile Photo

Lawrence Parkhurst

Hewett University Professor(402) 472-3316737 Hamilton Hall
Robert Powers Profile Photo

Robert Powers

Professor(402) 472-3039722 Hamilton Hall
Andrzej Rajca Profile Photo

Andrzej Rajca

Charles Bessey Professor(402) 472-9196818D Hamilton Hall
Jody Redepenning Profile Photo

Jody Redepenning

Professor & Interim Chair(402) 472-3533 (Lab) 
(402) 472-5645 (Chair Office)
534 (Lab) 551B (Chair Office) Hamilton Hall
Alexander Sinitskii Profile Photo

Alexander Sinitskii

Associate Professor(402) 472-3543604C Hamilton Hall
Marilyne Stains Profile Photo

Marilyne Stains

Associate Professor(402) 472-3503649A Hamilton Hall
Cliff I. Stains Profile Photo

Cliff I. Stains

Assistant Professor(402) 472-2617409D Hamilton Hall
James Takacs Profile Photo

James Takacs

Charles Mach University Professor(402) 472-6232807B Hamilton Hall
Xiao Cheng Zeng Profile Photo

Xiao Cheng Zeng

Chancellor′s University & Willa Cather Professor(402) 472-9894536 Hamilton Hall
Jian Zhang Profile Photo

Jian Zhang

Associate Professor(402) 472-2603604D Hamilton Hall

Professor of Practice

Jason Kautz Profile Photo

Jason Kautz

Professor of Practice (402) 472-3514227C Hamilton Hall
Eric Malina Profile Photo

Eric Malina

Associate Professor of Practice (402) 472-5053227H Hamilton Hall

Instructional Faculty

Richard Hartung Profile Photo

Richard Hartung

Lecturer(402) 472-2737227J Hamilton Hall
Chris McCune Profile Photo

Chris McCune

Lecturer (402) 472-732816B Hamilton Hall
Joan Powers Profile Photo

Joan Powers

Lecturer (402) 472-3274 16C Hamilton Hall
Trisha Vickrey Profile Photo

Trisha Vickrey

Lecturer (402) 472-6993 16D Hamilton Hall

Research Faculty

Jaeil Bai Profile Photo

Jaeil Bai

Research Assistant Professor (402) 472-9894437 Hamilton Hall
Ron Cerny Profile Photo

Ron Cerny

Research Professor (402) 472-6020710 Hamilton Hall
Kun Liu Profile Photo

Kun Liu

Research Assistant Professor 402-472-5432634 Hamilton Hall
Martha Morton Profile Photo

Martha Morton

Research Associate Professor (402) 472-6255834 Hamilton Hall
Suchada Rajca Profile Photo

Suchada Rajca

Research Assistant Professor (402) 472-9388818D Hamilton Hall

Emeritus Faculty

James Carr Profile Photo

James Carr

Emeritus Professor(402) 472-2703526 Hamilton Hall
Craig Eckhardt Profile Photo

Craig Eckhardt

Emeritus Professor(402) 472-2734524 Hamilton Hall
Charles Kingsbury Profile Photo

Charles Kingsbury

Emeritus Professor (402) 472-2706517 Hamilton Hall
David Smith Profile Photo

David Smith

Emeritus Professor(970) 264-6647