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Brave the Elements
Brave the Elements

Why choose Chemistry as a major?

Often described as the "central science," chemistry involves the study of structure, properties, and synthesis of matter ranging in size from single atoms to DNA. As a Chemistry Major, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover the process for scientific inquiry
  • Become proficient in modern laboratory procedures
  • Gain a broad knowledge in the six major areas of Chemistry (Chemical Education, Organic, Inorganic, Physical, Analytical, and Biochemistry)
  • Understand the practical and ethical applications of chemical principles in society
  • Take part in cutting-edge research projects

A degree in chemistry plays a key role in a variety of careers such as:

  • Pharmaceutical Development
  • Chemical Research & Manufacturing
  • Analysis
  • Science Education
  • Medical Research

Chemistry Scholarships & Financial Aid

UNL Chemistry majors are eligible for over 15 different exclusive chemistry scholarships. About $40,000 in scholarships are awarded to about 30 majors each year! These scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria: academic excellence, need, and any special criteria related to the particular scholarship.

In addition, there are several scholar programs that undergraduate students can participate in. Scholarship awards from these programs provide for undergraduate students as they conduct research with a faculty mentor.

Learn more about scholarships and financial aid for UNL Chemistry majors.

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Note: ALL advising questions and credit transfer questions regarding ALL General Chemistry courses (CHEM 1XX courses) must be addressed to Prof. Jason Kautz. All other questions must be addressed to Prof. Marjorie Langell.

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