Prof. Berkowitz named a member of the Board of Editors of Organic Reactions

Photo Credit: Berkowitz Organic Reactions Editor
Berkowitz Organic Reactions Editor
by Department of Chemistry Thu, 09/08/2016 - 16:10

Prof. Berkowitz has been named a member of the Board of Editors of Organic Reactions.

The venerable Organic Reactions series dates back to 1942, when Roger Adams inaugurated the series as founding Editor-In-Chief.  Scott Denmark (U. of Illinois) currently serves as Editor-In-Chief and is advised by the Board of Editors who represent expertise across a wide spectrum of synthetic organic chemistry.  The series has long served as a key reference work for comprehensive and critical reviews of organic reactions, organized by the nature of the transformation.   The series is now fully electronic and remains a key resource for the international Organic Chemistry Community.

The relationship between Organic Reactions and U. Nebraska goes back to the early days, with Cliff S. Hamilton  serving as an invited author in Volume 2 (Chapter 10 in the series: “The Preparation of Aromatic Arsonic and Arsinic Acids by the Bart, Bechamp and Rosenmund Reactions”) — the series is now up to Volume 89 (on Ring-Closing Metathesis) and approximately 350 chapters have been published.   David Berkowitz is the first member of the U. Nebraska Chemistry Faculty to serve on the Board of Editors.

Organic Reactions also co-sponsors the Roger Adams  Award, the highest award in Organic Chemistry conferred by the American Chemical Society.