Carl Georgi-Walter Militzer Memorial Lectureship

Carl Georgi grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He obtained his B.S. (1930) and Ph.D. (1934) from the Univeristy of Wisconsin. Dr. Perry Wilson served as his research advisor.

Carl came to the University of Nebraska in 1935 as an instructor in bacteriology and was promoted to full professor in 1947. He served as chairman of the Department of Microbiology from 1953 until his retirement. In 1964, he was appointed Murray Longworth Professor of Microbiology. Much of the credit for the reorganization and modernization of the department belongs to Carl Georgi.

During his tenure at the University, he was actively engaged in research and was the recipient of several honors. Many of his former students have become well-known in a variety of professions. All attest to his excellence in teaching and research.

"Walt", a native of Arlington Heights, Illinois, obtained his B.S. (1932) and Ph.D. (1936) at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Karl Paul Link was his research advisor.

In 1936, Dr. Militzer came to the University of Nebraska as an instructor and was promoted to full professor in 1948. Walt Militzer was the first staff member to introduce modern biochemistry into the curriculum at the University of Nebraska. He had a very personal interest in all of his students and could call most of them by name long after they had left his classroom.

Throughout his career, Walt maintained an active interest in research. Many of his former students hold very responsible positions.

As Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, he served the university during a period of rapid growth and development of the college. Walt was held in high esteem by his students, his academic colleagues, and his many friends in the community.

Carl's and Walt's friendship dated from their undergraduate student days at Wisconsin. While at the University of Nebraska, they jointly pioneered research on thermophilic bacteria, a fundamental problem in biochemistry.

Past Recipients
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