Photo Credit: Zoe Zingler
Zoe Zingler
Wed, 04/24/2024 - 12:00

Majors: Chemistry; Environmental & Sustainability Studies

Minors: Mathematics
Hometown: Elkhorn, NE

Year: Senior

Why did you select your majors and minor?
I have always known that my interest is in the sciences, and I found that chemistry was a good space for me to explore. Once I found the specialty of environmental chemistry, I knew that adding an Environmental & Sustainability Studies major alongside my Chemistry major would be a good way to expand my knowledge and exposure to different fields of study.

What is your favorite course you have taken from your programs and why?
CHEM 441/443: Inorganic Chemistry & Lab has been my favorite chemistry course so far. The content is so different from the previous more general chemistry courses, and the lab was the strongest in connecting lecture to real life applications.

Who have been some of your strongest mentors or role models here?
The Environmental & Sustainability Studies director, Dr. Dave Gosselin, has been my strongest mentor while at UNL. He challenges all students he interacts with to be the best leader they can be, to ask questions, and to get out of their comfort zones. He has been incredibly influential in my decision to continue to graduate school, and I am thankful to have met him while at UNL.

Have you had an internship or job? Explain how your majors helped you with it.
I worked as a Research Intern at the Water Science Lab. It was a direct application of my majors in a way that interested me, meaning I was able to see all of my learned lectures applied towards research and projects investigating environmental quality.

What are you involved in on campus or in the community?
I have been involved in the Honors Program through the Honors Afterschool Clubs, the Honors Peer Mentor Program, and working as an Honors Student Staff member. I have found Honors to be my community while on campus.

What are your plans after graduation?
I will be attending the University of California-Davis starting a Ph.D. program in Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry. My experiences at UNL have positively influenced me to continue my education as a graduate student.