Meet Channing Thompson


Channing Thompson recently was given the Citation for Excellence in Teaching Chemistry Award by UNL’s Department of Chemistry. Channing’s dedication to her job and ability to communicate with students are essential to the teaching mission of this department.

“I feel honored to receive this award. Especially since last semester was my first experience as a TA. I had a wonderful group of students and they taught me more than I think I ended up teaching them. I wish them the best in their future endeavors. It gives me the motivation to keep working hard and doing my best."

Being a teaching assistant has expanded Channing’s horizons and exposed her to opportunities she hadn’t considered before.

“Working as a teaching assistant has opened my eyes to the possibility of pursuing a career in education after graduation. Plus, working with research has given me the opportunity to advance my analytical skills in the laboratory and also work alongside some amazing collaborators, my colleagues.”

The faculty and staff in the Resource Center have been extremely impressed with her professionalism.

“Channing is a pure joy to have here in the Resource Center and the students absolutely love her,” commented Dr. Jason Kautz, Professor of Practice and Coordinator of General Chemistry.

Thank you Channing for all you do for the department and for our students!