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Why choose Chemistry Graduate Program?

Our graduate program is unique for its research-first philosophy. While students at other schools experience coursework-intensive first years, you’ll be doing research — and you’ll do a lot of it.

When you arrive, you’ll select and join research groups, with the option of sampling (through rotations) several groups before making your final choice. You’ll do some coursework the first year, sure. But you’ll be living and breathing research.

You won’t choose most of your courses until after you’ve selected a research advisor, to ensure your coursework and research match as much as possible. And you’ll take more modular, research/technique-oriented courses to better prepare for your particular research demands. In your second year, you’ll have a Research Update Interview (RUI) with the supervisory committee to gain feedback and an assessment of your coursework and research performance.

Critically, we prioritize treating each student as an individual while providing an environment for maximum professional development.

By the time you’ve earned your advanced degree, our goal is for you to have published high-quality, original research (sometimes, by the end of your first year) and to have established a strong research record.

If that sounds like it matches your goals, and if you’re the type of person who’s driven by your curiosity, this is the place for you.

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