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Graduate Program
Graduate Program

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry’s graduate program. Our graduate program is unique for its research-first philosophy. While students at other schools experience coursework-intensive first years, you’ll be doing research. By the time you’ve earned your degree, our goal is for you to have published high-quality, original research (sometimes, by the end of your first year), establishing a strong research record.

Here are some resources that will help you along the way.

Resources for Graduate Students

Awards and Recognitions for Current Students

Graduate Teaching Assistant Awardee Honorable Mention
Xiang Zhang

John J. Stezowski Graduate Teaching Assistant Awardee
Jessica Periago

Stuart Staley Graduate Teaching Assistant Awardee
Seth Blackwell

George Sturgeon Graduate Teaching Assistant Awardee
Lukasz Gauza

Gordon Gallup Graduate Teaching Assistant Awardee
Navneet Khetrapal

Fuerniss Fellowship Awardee
Matthew Beio
Jia (Emma) Zhao

Cromwell Graduate Research Assistant Awardee
Andrew Olson

Graduate Research Assistant Awardee Honorable Mention
Jon Beck

Pill-Soon Song Graduate Research Assistant Awardee
Alexey Lipatov

Korean Alumni Graduate Research Assistant Awardee
Nanxi Wang

Charles Wilkins Graduate Research Assistant Awardee
Yao Wu

UNL Graduate Research Assistant Honorable Mention
Jon Beck

UNL Graduate Research Assistant Honorable Mention
Alexey Lipatov

UNL Graduate Research Assistant Awardee
Lei Li

Emily Griffing Fellowship Awardee
Veronika Shoba

Milton E. Mohr Fellowship Awardee
Yao Wu