Colloquia Schedule

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2017 Spring Colloquium List

If cancellations occur, same-day information can be found on the UNL Chemistry Events Calendar or call 402-472-3501.

January 13
Professor Eric V. Anslyn
University of Texas at Austin
Three Tales of Supramolecular Analytical Chemistry
Hosted by Cliff Stains
Sponsored by UNL Research Council

January 20
Professor Jimmie C. Oxley
University of Rhode Island
Energetic Materials Studies at University of Rhode Island
Hosted by Patrick Dussault
Sponsored by UNL Research Council

January 27
Professor John C. Jewett
University of Arizona
Viral Muses to Inspire Chemistry
Hosted by Cliff Stains

February 3-Open

February 10
Professor Peter Rossky
Rice University
Electronic Excited State Relaxation in Complex Systems:  Two Stories of Harmony Between Theory and Experiment
Hosted by Xiao Zeng

February 17
Dr. Rafael Luna
Boston College
Advancing your science with NRMN (National Research Mentoring Network)

February 24 (Postponed)
Professor Hilkka I. Kenttämaa
Purdue University 
Gas-phase Studies on Charged Aromatic Bi-, Tri- and Tetraradicals
Hosted by Andrzej Rajca

March 3- PLU Award Lecture
Professor M. Christina White
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
The Functionalization of C—H Bonds
Hosted by Phi Lambda Upsilon-Rho Chapter(PLU)

March 10
Professor Richard W. Roberts 
University of Southern California
20 Years of mRNA display for Peptide and Protein Design
Hosted by Rebecca Lai

March 17
Professor Erika Offerdahl
Washington State University
Formative Assessment and Feedback: Are We Closing the Loop?
Hosted by Marilyne Stains


March 31
Professor Gangli Wang
Georgia State University
Imaging and Sensing based on Luminescence by Photo- and Redox- Activation in Atomic Precision Gold Nanoclusters
Hosted by Rebecca Lai


April 7 
Dr. Margaret Y. Chu-Moyer
Amgen Inc.
Chemistry in the Age of Biology: Overcoming Challenges in Drug Discovery 
Hosted by David Berkowitz

April 13 - Thursday 
Professor Jim Wells
University of California, San Francisco 
Reaching for High Hanging Fruit in Drug Discovery
Hosted by Cliff Stains

April 21 

April 28 (3:00 p.m. start time)

2016 Fall Colloquium List

If cancellations occur, same-day information can be found on the UNL Chemistry Events Calendar or call 402-472-3501.

August 9 (Tuesday)
Dr. Cathy Tway
The Dow Chemical Company
Chemical Feedstocks: Back to the Future
Hosted by David Berkowitz

August 26  
Professor SonBinh T. Nguyen
Northwestern University
From Single-site Catalysts and Supramolecular Assemblies to Metal-organic Frameworks (MOFs) and Porous Organic Polymer (POPs):  Bridging Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis
Hosted by Jian Zhang                  

September 2       
Professor Matthew F. Bush
University of Washington
Mass Spectrometry, Ion Mobility, and Ion Chemistry: Tools for Characterizing the Structures of Proteins in Solution and in the Gas Phase
Hosted by Eric Dodds         

September 9
Professor Jian Zhang  
University of  Nebraska-Lincoln
Expanding the Toolbox for Photoredox Catalysis
Hosted by Patrick Dussault         

September 30
Dr. Marvin M. Hansen
Eli Lilly and Company
Small Molecule Process Chemistry Development at Eli Lilly
Hosted by David Berkowitz                   

October 7  
Professor Rafael P. Brüschweiler
The Ohio State University
New Approaches and Applications for NMR-based Metabolomics
Hosted by Robert Powers 

October 8

October 14
Professor Richard J. Saykally
University of California Berkeley and      
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Selective Adsorption of Ions to Aqueous Interfaces and its Effects on Evaporation Rates
Hosted by Xiao Cheng Zeng, Co-sponsored by NCMN                       

October 20-21       
Professor Marsha I. Lester
University of Pennsylvania
Thursday: Climate Change: Chemistry, International Assessment, and Policy
2:30 p.m. Friday:  The Atmosphere's Detergent
Hosted by Patrick Dussault, Co-sponsored by Phi Beta Kappa                        

October 27 & 28
35th Hamilton Award Lecture
Professor Chaitan Khosla
Stanford University
Thursday: Disulfide Bond Switches in Health and Disease: The Example of Celiac Disease
Friday: Assembly Line Biosynthesis of  Polyketide Antibiotics (3:00 p.m. Start time)
Hosted by Liangcheng Du                                               

November  4
Professor Timothy G. Palzkill
Baylor College of Medicine
Structure, Function and Evolution of the Antibiotic Resistance Enzyme b-lactamase
Hosted by Hui Li
Sponsored by UNL Research Council                                                                      

November 18 (2:30 p.m. start time)
Professor Michael Dickey
North Carolina State University
Soft, Stretchable, and Reconfigurable Materials for Electronics and Actuators
Hosted by Stephen Morin

December 2
Professor Bryant C. Nelson

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Fundamental Interactions of  Engineered Nanomaterials with DNA
Hosted by Patrick Dussault, Co-sponsored by Sigma Xi

2016 Spring Colloquium List

If cancellations occur, same-day information can be found on the UNL Chemistry Events Calendar or call 402-472-3501.

January 22
Professor Alison B. Flynn
University of Ottawa
A New Organic Chemistry Curriculum: Arrows and Mechanics Then Chemical Principles
Hosted by Marilyne Stains

January 29
Dr. Christina H. Liu
National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health (NCI/NIH)
In Vivo Molecular Imaging and Nanotechnology: Techniques, Technology & NIH Grant Support
Hosted by Andrzej Rajca

February  5
Professor John E. Anthony
University of Kentucky
Crystal Design for Organic Semiconductors
Hosted by Alex Sinitskii & NCMN

February 12
Professor Michael J. Krische
The University of Texas,  Austin
Formation of C-C Bonds via Catalytic Hydrogenation and Transfer Hydrogenation
Hosted by James Takacs

Professor Milan Mrksich
Northwestern University
SAMDI Mass Spectrometry for the High Throughput Characterization of Enzyme Function
Hosted by Phi Lambda Upsilon-Rho Chapter

February 26
Professor Brian H. Clowers
Washington State University
Ion Multiplexing: Tangible Enhancement for Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry
Hosted by Eric Dodds

March 4 -- Open

March 11
Professor David R. Williams
Indiana University
Target-Inspired Innovation in the Synthesis of Alkaloid Natural Products
Hosted by Patrick Dussault

March 13-17
ACS National Mtg   

Dr. Christopher J. Welch
Merck Research Laboratories, Merck & Company
Using Chemistry to Speed the Discovery and Commercialization of New Medicines
Hosted by David Berkowitz & Eugene Cordes

March 25    

April 1 (Begins at 2:30 Rm 104 Hamilton Hall)
Professor  Hien M. Nguyen
University of Iowa
Synthesis and Chemical Biology of Complex Carbohydrates and Fluorinated Molecules
Hosted by David Berkowitz

April 8
Professor Jing Li
Rutgers University 
LMOFs and Photoluminescence Based Applications
Hosted by Jian Zhang

April 15
Dr. Courtney V. Fletcher
University of Nebraska Medical Center
The Pharmacology of Antiretroviral Drugs in Lymphoid Tissue
Hosted by David Berkowitz

Professor Vy M. Dong
University of California, Irvine
A Few of My Favorite Rings: Catalysis Inspired by Macrocycles
Hosted by James Takacs


Professor Kenneth A. Dill
Stony Brook University
Protein Folding — in Principle, in the Cell, and in the Computer
Hosted by Joseph Francisco & Xiao Cheng Zeng

May 12 (Thursday)
Professor Kevan M. Shokat
University of California, San Francisco
Non-traditional Chemical Strategies for Targeting Traditional Targets in Cancer and Neurodegeneration
Hosted by Brad Hunsley & Cliff Stains

2015 Fall Colloquium List

If cancellations occur, same-day information can be found on the UNL Chemistry Events Calendar or call 402-472-3501.

August 28
Professor Roland Lindh  
Uppsala University, Sweden
Chemiluminescence and Chemiexcitation: the Gateway to Thermal Non-Adiabatic Chemistry
Hosted by Joseph Francisco & Xiao Cheng Zeng
Co-sponsored by NCMN

September 04  
Professor Wenbin Lin
University of Chicago
Metal-organic Frameworks for Sustainable Catalysis and Energy Generation
Hosted by Jian Zhang
Co-sponsored by NCMN

September 10 (Thursday-Morrill Hall Room 141)
Professor Marilyne Stains
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Transforming STEM Instructional Practices: A Focus On Faculty’s Experiences
Hosted by Mark Griep

September 11
Professor Alexander Sinitskii
University of Nebraska-Lincoln 
Reducing Dimensionality of Layered Materials: From 3D to 2D to 1D and Back Again
Hosted by Jody Redepenning

September 18
Professor Thomas Szyperski
State University of New York at Buffalo
NMR Methodology for Structural Biology: Development and Application
Hosted by Robert Powers

September 24 (Thursday-Morrill Hall Room 141)
Professor Jiantao Guo
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Reprogramming Codon Language for Biochemical and Biomedical Applications
Hosted by Liangcheng Du

September 25
Professor Eric D. Dodds
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Tools for Glycomics and Glycoproteomics: New Developments in Mass Spectrometry and Ion Mobility Spectrometry for Gas-Phase Glycoanalysis
Hosted by Robert Powers     

October 2
Professor Pieter Dorrestein
University of California-San Diego
Social Networks For Molecular Analysis
Hosted by Liangcheng Du
Sponsored by UNL Research Council 

October 3
Chemistry Day (Saturday) 

October 9
Professor Ronald T. Raines 
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Carbonyl Interactions in Protein Structure and Stability
Hosted by Cliff Stains

October 16
Professor Jennifer E. Lewis
University of South Florida
Applied Research for Chemistry Education: Research in the Context of POGIL Implementation
Hosted by Marilyne Stains

October 23 -- Open

October 29 & 30
Professor David W. C. MacMillan
Thursday: The Design of New Chemistry Using Light (Love Library South Room 102)
Friday: Photoredox Catalysis and its Application to New Reaction Discovery and Invention
Hosted by James Takacs 

November 6 –Open

November 13
Professor Felix N. Castellano
North Carolina State University
Wavelength Shifting Based on Sensitized Triplet Fusion
Hosted by Jian Zhang 

November 20--CANCELLED
Professor Herbert H. Hill, Jr.
Washington State University
Accurate Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry:  Applications in Metabolomics
Hosted by Eric Dodds
Sponsored by UNL Research Council 

December 04
Professor F. Fleming Crim
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Using Vibrations to Probe and Control Chemical Reactions in Gases and Liquids
Hosted by Craig Eckhardt
Co-sponsored by NCMN 

December 11
Professor Mary Virginia Orna
The College of New Rochelle
Fashion, Pharmaceuticals, Food, and Fun: The Chemical History of Color
Hosted by Mark Griep
Co-sponsored by ACS Nebraska Local Section

2015 Spring Colloquium List

If cancellations occur, same-day information can be found on the UNL Chemistry Events Calendar or call 402-472-3501.

January 16
Professor Eranthie Weerapana
Boston College
Chemical-proteomic Strategies to Investigate Reactive Cysteines
Hosted by Cliff Stains

January 23--TBA

January 30 
Professor George M. Bodner
Purdue University
I’m Finally Beginning to Understand Why I Didn’t Understand ...
Hosted by Marilyne Stains 

February 6
Professor Facundo M. Fernández
Georgia Institute of Technology
Forensics, Metabolomics and Molecular Imaging by Mass Spectrometry
Hosted by Eric Dodds 

February 13
Professor Robert H. Cichewicz
University of Oklahoma
Informing the Search for Bioactive Natural Products through Fundamental Science
Hosted by Liangcheng Du 

February 20
Professor Thomas Holme                                
Iowa State University   
Measuring Learning in Chemistry: What We Want and What We Do
Hosted by Marilyne Stains

February 27
Professor Scott E. Lewis
University of South Florida
Testing what we Teach:  Developing an Assessment for General Chemistry to Encourage Student Linking of Concepts
Hosted by Marilyne Stains 

March 6
Professor Jin Zhang
Johns Hopkins University
Probing Spatiotemporal Regulation of Signal Transduction in Living Cells
Hosted by Jintao Guo, and sponsored by UNL Research Council 

March 13 
Professor Jennifer Prescher
University of California, Irvine
Expanding the Imaging Toolbox
Hosted by Cliff Stains 

March 20
E. Roger Washburn Memorial Lectureship
Professor Gabor A. Somorjai
University of California at Berkeley
Molecular Catalysis Science. Nanoparticle Synthesis, and Instrument Development for 
Characterization Under Reaction Conditions. Conquering Catalytic Complexity
Hosted by Hui Li and Co-sponsored by NCMN

March 27 Spring Break

March 31—(Tuesday 9:00 am - 3:30 pm)
NMR Symposium
Role of NMR in Researching Disease Pathways
Located at the Lied Commons
Hosted by Gerard Harbison & Robert Powers 
Sponsored by UNL Research Council

April 3
Professor Yu Xia
Purdue University
Radical Mass Spectrometry as a New Frontier for Bioanalysis
Hosted by Eric Dodds

April 10-TBA

April 17
Professor Jean Chmielewski
Purdue University
Next Generation Therapeutic Targets:  Multidrug Resistance and Regenerative Medicine
Hosted by Cliff Stains 

April 24 Graduate and Undergraduate Student Awards
Start time 3:00 p.m.— Rm 110 Hamilton Hall

May 1 -- Colloquium start time changed to 12:30 p.m.
Professor Chad A. Mirkin
Northwestern University
The Nature of the DNA Bond
Hosted by PLU

2014 Fall Colloquium List

If cancellations occur, same-day information can be found on the UNL Chemistry Events Calendar or call 402-472-3501.

August 29

September 5

September 12
Professor Michael L. Norton 
Marshall University
DNA Origami - Putting the Pieces Together
Hosted by Dr. Alexander Sinitskii & Cosponsored by NCMN

September 19 at 3:00pm
Professor Mark A. Ratner
Northwestern University
Molecular Mesoscopics: Transport in Molecular Junctions
Hosted by David Berkowitz & Xiao Cheng Zeng

September 26
Dr. Miles A. Fabian  
NIH-NIGMS (National Institutes of Health, National Institute of General Medical Sciences)
Concept to Therapeutic: The Evolution of a Biotechnology Company
Hosted by David Berkowitz

October 2—Thursday
Dr. Rachel Lloyd Memorial Conference on Women in Science
Commemoration/Women in Science Conference
This event is co-sponsored by the ACS Nebraska Local Section
and the UNL Chemistry Department
Nebraska Union Auditorium
Hosted by Mark Griep

October 3 
Professor Paul V. Braun
University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign
Three Dimensionally Structured Materials for Energy Storage and Light Harvesting
Hosted by Stephen Morin

October 10—(Chemistry Day Weekend Saturday October 11) 

October 17 
Dr. Ray Stults
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Understanding Biomass Recalcitrance- A Journey
Hosted by David Berkowitz

October 24  
Professor Teri W. Odom
Northwestern University
Designer Gold Nanostars for Imaging and Therapeutics
Hosted by Stephen Morin

October 31
Professor Alan G. Marshall
Florida State University
Reading Chemical "Fine Print": The Key to Exploiting Nature's Compositional Complexity
Hosted by Eric Dodds

November 7

November 14
Dr. Russell J. Hemley
Carnegie Institution of Washington
New Views of Structure and Bonding in Extreme Environments
Hosted by Xiao Cheng Zeng & Cosponsored by NCMN

November 21 
Professor David H. Russell
Texas A&M University
Mass Spectrometry and Structural Biology: Can Solution-Phase Properties of Biomolecules be Gleaned from Studies of Solvent-Free Systems?
Hosted by Eric Dodds

December 4 & 5
Professor Laura L. Kiessling
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Thursday 3:30 p.m: Us Versus Them: Distinguishing Humans from Microbes with Carbohydrates
Friday 3:00 p.m. : Chemical Probes of Mycobacterial Cell Wall Biosynthesis
Hosted by Cliff Stains