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Undergraduate Program

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Note: ALL advising questions and credit transfer questions regarding ALL General Chemistry courses (CHEM 1XX courses) must be addressed to Prof. Jason Kautz. All other questions must be addressed to Prof. Barry Cheung.

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry’s undergraduate program! Our undergraduate chemistry program offers students a world-class education in a small city setting. We have a tradition of innovation and excellence in undergraduate education. As a chemistry major, you will take courses with some of the finest instructors to be found at UNL.

Here are some resources that will help you along the way.

Undergraduate Research in Chemistry

Research in the lab of a chemistry faculty member enables you to become a firsthand participant in new chemistry discoveries. You will gain research experience, important for entry into industry, graduate school, or any research-related disciplines. These lab contacts may be useful for procuring recommendations for jobs and graduate and professional schools. You will receive course credits when you register for CHEM 399 or CHEM 463 for laboratory or computational work within a chemistry research group. Before you register for these courses, you should complete the Undergraduate Research Contract Form before they register for these courses. For more information, please contact the Chemistry Undergraduate Advisor.

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Awards and Recognitions for Current Students

We are proud of our undergraduate students' continued dedication and excellence in their educations. Our students have the opportunity to be awarded a variety of scholarships and awards.

ACS Hach Excellence in Chemistry Education
Kathryn Miller
Brenna Petersen

Marjorie Dewey & Catherine Kelly Scholarship
Malachi Abebe
Samantha Lonergan
Christopher Lubbers
Emily Mundt
Ashton Neylon
Dayton Schumacher

Clarence Jackson Frankforter Memorial Scholarship
Britton Lyon

Dr. Clifford Hendricks Memorial Fund
Olivia Thomas

Viola C. Jelinek Scholarship in Chemistry
Brett Begley
Drew Dudley

Lester C. & Joan M. Krogh Scholarship in Chemistry
Madison Bierman
Kaleb Jones
Sean McDermott
Kyle McMillan
Tiffant Truong

Ralph F. Nielsen Scholarship
Matthew Ballweg
Daniel Dooling
Ryan Geisert

Sandoz Foundation Scholarship
Camden Bilyeu
Daphne Mae Domingo
Alexandra Fiedler
Samuel Milone
Lawrence Nguyen

Maxine Wertman Fund Scholarship
Meera Choksi
Jake Edelman
Justin Hicklin

Clyde & Elva Weyenberg Scholarship
Jeff Post

Ervin F. Wilson Chemistry Scholarship
Noah Free
Jacob Moore

James Carr Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Awardee
Brett Begley

James Looker Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Awardee
Schuyler Chambers

Undergraduate Research Assistant Awardee Honorable Mention
Megan (Woods) Milanuk

T. Adrian George Undergraduate Research Assistant Awardee
Schuyler A. Chambers

ACS Organic Chemistry Student Awardee
Schuyler A. Chambers

ACS Analytical Chemistry Student Awardee
Megan (Woods) Milanuk

Milton E. Mohr Awards Program - Scholarship
Brenna Petersen
Tiffany Truong

Resources for Undergraduate Students