Former Group Members

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Former Postdoctoral Associates
Postdoctoral Associate Year Currently
Dr. Prasanta Ghorai 2007-2008 Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, Ind. Inst. Sci. Ed. Res, Bhopal
Dr. Roman Shchepin 2007 Research Associate, Vanderbilt University Imaging Center
Dr. Chunping Xu 2006 Scientist with Trilink Biotech (San Diego)
Dr. Farhana Noor-e-Ain 1999-2001 Baton Rouge, LA
Dr. Xuejun Liu 1997-2000 Albany Molecular Research (NY)
Dr. Kevin Koellert 1994-1996 Start-up, St. Louis, Missouri
Dr. Umesh Zope 1993-1995 Torrent Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Jason Niu 1992-1993 Professor, China University of Petroleum (Huadong)
Dr. Mike Pelter 1990-1991 Associate Professor, Purdue Univ. Northwest


Doctoral Graduates
Student Year Dissertation/Thesis Currently
Moriah Locklear, PhD 2020

Peroxides as sources of electrophilic oxygen: their reactivity and synthesis

Analyst, Potomac Institute (VA)
Alissa Horn, PhD 2018

Novel Methods Toward the Formation of Functionalized Cyclic Ethers and New Applications for Click Chemistry with Organic Peroxides

Fraunhofer USA (DE)
Andrew S. Olson, PhD 2018

I. Synthesis of Biosynthetic Intermediates; II. Synthesis of Functionalized Phosphonic Acid Amphiphiles; III. Organic Peroxide Reduction and Reductive Activation

Thermo Fisher (IL)
Shiva Kumar Kyasa, PhD 2015

New Methods for Synthesis of Organic Peroxides and Application of Peroxide Electrophiles to Synthesis of Functionalized Ethers

Assistant Professor, Western New Mexico University
Wantanee Sittiwong, PhD 2014 Synthesis and Application of Four-Membered Carbocyclic Amphiphiles Faculty member, Thammasat University (Thailand)
Rachel Willand-Charnley, PhD 2014 Peroxides: An Underutilized but Highly Advantageous Functional Group Assistant Professor, South Dakota State Univ
Thomas Fisher, PhD 2012 I: New Reactions Of Alpha-Oxygenated Hydroperoxides. II: Design, Synthesis, And Applications Of A New Class Of Twin-Chain Amphiphiles Postdoctoral, The Ohio State University; Scientist with Goodyear
Jiliang Hang, PhD 2012 I. Synthesis of β-Sitosterol and Phytosterol Esters; II. New Methodology for Singlet Oxygen Generation from 1,1-Dihydroperoxides Software Developer, Assurity Life (NE)
Charles Schiaffo, PhD 2011 I. An Improved Procedure for Alkene Ozonolysis. II. Exploring a New Structural Paradigm for Peroxide Antimalarials Financial Advisor, Charles Schwab (Indianapolis)
Chris Schwartz, PhD 2010 I. Development of the In Situ Reductive Ozonolysis of Alkenes with Tertiary Amine N-Oxides. II. Progress toward the Asymmetric Synthesis of Peroxyplakoric Acid A3. Visiting Scientist, South Dakota State University
Roman Shchepin, PhD 2006 Investigation of quorum sensing in C. albicans Assistant Professor, South Dakota School of Mines
Chunping Xu, PhD 2006 Total synthesis of peroxyacarnoic acids and peroxyplakoric acids: New synthetic methodology for organic peroxides and application of peroxides as enzyme inhibitors Scientist with Trilink Biotech (San Diego)
Peng Dai, PhD 2004 Synthetic Approaches to the Plakinic Acids Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Watertown, MA
Aqeel Ahmed, PhD 2004 Stereoselective synthesis of homoallyl peroxides and synthesis of peroxyalkanols: 1,2,4-trioxepanes as redox protecting groups for carbonyls : cutin monomer: synthesis, stereochemistry & fungal activation Working in Washington DC area
Joe Raible, PhD 2002 Synthesis of peroxide containing natural products; development and application of ozonolysis methodologies Clinical Pharmacist, Southeast Regional Hospital (St. Louis, MO)
Tony Trullinger, PhD 2002 New Methodology for the Synthesis of Peroxides: Total Synthesis of Plakinic Acids Scientist at Dow Agrosciences (Indianapolis)
Jeff Schultz, PhD 1999 Approaches to the Synthesis of HPETEs Software Engineer at S2 Technologies (Encinitas, CA)
Todd Eary, PhD 1998 New Methodology for the Synthesis of Unsaturated Hydroperoxides. Total Synthesis of Chondrillin and enantio-Plakorin Loxo Oncology (CO)
Don Davies, PhD 1998 The Diastereoselective Synthesis of 1,2-Dioxanes and 1,2,4-Trioxanes through Electrophilic Cyclizations of Unsaturated Hydroperoxyacetals Professor, Weber State (UT)
Darby Sloss, PhD 1998 Methodology Applicable to the Synthesis of Peroxide-Containing Natural Products
Hyung-Jae Lee, PhD 1997 Peroxycarbenium Ion Chemistry Postdoc (Illinois); Kumho (Korea)
Richard Lee, PhD 1996 New Methodology for Synthesis of Hydroperoxides and Peroxides Postdoc (Scripps); Theravance
Kevin Woller, PhD 1996 Stereoselective Dioxygenation: Methodology and Application Postdoc (Cornell); Abbvie Pharmaceuticals
Ayman Sahli, PhD 1994 New Methods for Peroxide Synthesis Retired, CEO of Julphar (UAE)
In Quen Lee, PhD 1993 New Methodology for Synthesis of Hydroperoxides and Peroxides Postdoc (UC Irvine); GE/Honeywell; President, Wine2u Korea


Masters Degree Graduates
Student Year Dissertation/Thesis Currently
Anna Diepenbrock 2017 Developing Functionalized Peroxide Precursors for the Synthesis of Cyclic and Spirocyclic Ethers pursuing a PhD in Analytical Chemistry
Ben Enns 2016 Synthesis and Applications of Cyclobutenes High School Teacher (MO)
Benjamin Puffer 2012 Investigation Of Inter- And Intramolecular C-O Bond Forming Reaction Of Peroxide Electrophiles Perkin-Elmer (IL)
Michael Richardson 2012 The Use of Rhenium (VII) Oxide as a Catalyst for the Substitution of Hemiacetals POET Corporation (IA)
LaTravia Dobson 2010 Ultrasonic Activation of Triacetone Triperoxide Science Teacher at Boone Central High School (NE)
Brad Johnson 2010 Synthesis of PALO; Chemistry of Carbonyl Oxides 3M Corporation
Kyle Mott 2004 In-situ capture of carbonyl oxides : direct ozonolytic conversion of alkenes to carbonyls Siegwerks, Des Moines, IA
Qiang Han 2000 Synthetic Approaches towards the Total Synthesis of Alkoxydioxine Natural Products Senior Director Medicinal Chemistry, Wuxi App Tech
Su Cho-Schultz, MS 1999 Total Synthesis of Jasmonate Lactones; II. Asymmetric Addition to Peroxycarbenium Ions Pfizer, La Jolla CA
Bridget Miller, MS 1999 Studies in Peroxide Synthesis Senior IT Project Manager, Sound Transit (Seattle, WA)
David Symonsbergen, MS 1995 A Novel Synthesis of Dienol Ethers and Their Application to the Synthesis of Peroxyacetals Chief Science Officer, Precision Plant Molecules (CO)
Thane Westermeyer, MS 1994 New Approaches to the Synthesis of Hydroperoxides and Peroxides Process Development Scientist, Millipore-Sigma (MA)
Scott Kreifels, MS 1993 Selective Reduction of Carbon-Carbon Double Bonds in Protected Hydroperoxides B.S. and M.S. UNL; Manager, Research Stability, Novartis Consumer Health (NE)
Michael Ray Hayden, MS 1991 Stereoselective Dioxygenation of a 1,4-Diene Veterinarian (NC)


Former Undergraduate Researchers
Student University Year Currently
Bailee Fleming UNL 2020 in school
Miranda Johs UNL 2019-2020 in school
Tyler Browning Weber State (UT) 2019 in school
Cassandra Sedler E. Stroudsburg State (PA) 2019 in school
Kai Meacham UNL 2018-19 in school
Elise LeCoz UNL 2018-19 in school; accepted into grad program at Univ. College Dublin
Sam Boardman St. Scholastica (MN) 2018 BS, 2019
Jeannie Lozowski UNL 2018 Science Communication Intern; home caregiver
Cameron Hollis Univ. of Bath (UK) 2018 Corporate Tax Trainee, Mazars UK
Aubree Ford UNL 2017-18 Attending medical school (UNMC)
Anya Kalenta UNL 2016 Graduate studies, Human Performance, Ball State (OH)
Jesse Davila Univ. of Puerto Rico 2016 Case Western Grad Program
Anne Heintzelman (NSF-RUE) NW Missouri State 2016 In school at NW Missouri State
Alicia Curti (UCARE) UNL 2015 Chemical Engineer, Honeywell (MO)
Jacob Reis (UCARE) UNL 2015 Vice President at Dudley’s Dew-Right Tree & Mulch (NE)
Schuyler Chambers (UCARE) UNL 2014-2016 Chemistry Graduate Program, Vanderbilt
Sofia Marrero (REU) U. Puerto Rico 2014 Pharmacist (Puerto Rico)
Jordan Langston (REU) Oakwood University 2014 Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program (Temple Univ.)
William Lambert UNL 2014-15 Graduate program, University of Delaware
Jesse Joyce UNL 2011-14 MS, North Dakota State Univ; Health and Human Services Public Health Environental Lab (NE)
Jorden Johnson St. Olaf 2013 B.S. St. Olaf; current in graduate school (Minnesota)
Navid Rahmany UNL 2013 B.S. 2016
Kyle Nash CSU Pomona 2012 Weck Labs, (Brea, CA)
Evan Benner UNL 2011-12 Doctor of Osteopathy (WI)
Robert Denton UNL 2011-12  
Brian Kempf UNL 2010-2011 U.S. Missile Defense Agency
Hungjhun Park UNL 2009 Business School (Michigan)
Josh Wheeler Delta State 2009 Senior, Delta State Univ.
Mitch Trauernicht Doane 2010 B.S. 2012
Rachel Steadman NE Wes 2008-9 MS, Illinois (Food Sci); Scientist with Kellogg
Lindsey Williams MO Western 2008
Joy Kotschwar UNL 2007-8 Analyst, Celerion (NE)
Meghen Friesen UNL 2008 BS (Highest Honors), NE Wesleyan
Courtney Story UNL 2006-7 B.S. UNL; Boehringer Ingelheim, St. Joseph, MO
Nathaniel Zinnel UNL 2006 PhD, Texas A&M; currently Thermofisher
Zach Marten UNL 2005
Curtis Wray UNL 2003-2004 M.S., UC Berkeley; Compliance Engineer/Materials Chemist HP (Fort Collins, CO)
Miranda Lund Simpson College 2003 High School Science Teacher
Forrest Jones UNC-Fayetteville 2002
Paul Unverzagt UNL 2000-2001 Nuclear Navy
Erin Burger Dunn UNL 2001 PhD. (KU); NIH postdoc (Illinois); Deciphera Pharmaceuticals
Monica Hollrah UNL 2000 Doctor of Pharmacy, UNMC
Tammy Munsch Kansas State 2000 PhD, Purdue; postdoc Ruhr Univ (Germany); with Ventana Group (AZ)
Ingrid Jordan-Thaden UNL 2001-2002 PhD (Heidelberg); Director of Botany Garden and Greenhouse at Univ. of Wisconsin.
Doug Chadwick San Angelo State 2000 REU Dentist in TX
Jill Pecha UNL 1999 MD (UNMC)
Mark Meyer Concordia (NE) 1999 REU
Leah Sandvoss Kent State (OH) 1999 REU MS (Michigan); Pfizer Global R&D
Jonathan Fritz Carleton (MN) 1999 REU PhD (Mich. State); postdoc (MSU); faculty member at Aquinas College (MI).
Matthew Epp UNL 1998-1999 MD (UNMC)
Katherine Hartwig UNL 1998-1999 Novartis
Fabricio Beltran CSU Sacramento 1998 REU MD, UNMC
Stephanie (Cohen) Gould Rose-Hulman 1998 REU Professor, Austin College (TX)
Corbin Popp UNL 1997 Founder, Corbian, LLC (performing arts)
Jolene Egelhoff UNL 1997 LICoR Inc. (Lincoln, NE)
Jose Friesen UNL 1997 MD (UNMC); Practice in Central NE
Scott Bradley Cedarville College 1996 PhD Purdue; Eli Lilly
Terry Crawford UNL 1996-1998 Genentech
Anne Moore UNL 1995
Michael Hillier UNL 1993-1994 PhD 1999 (Texas); Postdoc CSU; Abbvie Pharmaceuticals (IL)
Todd Anderson UNL 1993-1994 Continuous Improvement Manager at Solvay (SC)
J. Matt Byrd UNL 1993-1994 MD (UNMC); Practitioner in Central Nebraska
Chara Shryvers Solich Mt. Marty 1991 MD (Creighton, 1997); Practicing in Missouri
Stephanie Seaman UNL 1990 MD (UNMC)
Amber Thornburg Doane/PRF 1990-1991 Pharmacy degree (UNMC)
Mike Hemenway St. Olaf/PRF 1989-1990 PhD (Iowa); Owner/President of Combination Products Consulting (MN); adjunct faculty member at Hamline University (MN)
Matt Vandewalle UNL 1989-1990 Science teacher; priest in Lincoln diocese
Scott Kreifels UNL 1988-1989 B.S. and M.S. UNL; Manager, Research Stability, Novartis Consumer Health (NE)
Rebecca Urbauer UNL 1988-1989 MD UNMC; practicing in K.C. area
Bill Brunsman UNL 1988-1989 MD UNMC; physician in North Dakota