Meet Schuyler Chambers

Schuyler Chambers
Schuyler Chambers

Schuyler Chambers was recently given the Citation for Excellence in Teaching Chemistry Award by UNL’s Department of Chemistry. Schuyler’s teaching style was quickly recognized by department faculty as an invaluable resource.

“Once in a while you get a teaching assistant who’s just a natural born teacher,” Dr. Jason Kautz commented about Schuyler’s teaching ability. “She’s a joy to watch in the lab and is very deserving of the award.”

“To me this award is an honor because it shows that as an interested and motivated teacher, I can encourage the growth of curiosity within students and create an active classroom environment,” commented Schuyler regarding her recent award. “My teaching style centers around my inherent love of the subject. However, it also takes a student's willingness to learn in order to create a good classroom discussion. There is a give-and-take between teachers and students, and this balance of intrigue and understanding is something I hope to continue to foster in my classes as both a student and a teacher.”

Being a teaching assistant has really nurtured Schuyler’s love of teaching and her desire to connect with students. Schuyler has really embraced the adage “what you teach, you learn.” “As an incoming freshman undergraduate, I would have never thought that in just a few years I would be a TA for a general chemistry course and an independent researcher, while simultaneously being enrolled in classes which consistently push my knowledge and curiosity in the classroom. When so many opportunities are available within the department, it becomes easy to push your boundaries of understanding and to fuel personal curiosity and innovation.”

Additional Accomplishments:

  • UCARE Recipient
  • Milton E. Mohr Scholarship
  • George Beadle Scholarship
  • Ralph F. Nielsen Scholarship
  • UNL Dean's List for 5 Semesters