Information Technology and Electronics Shop

The Information Technology and Electronics Shop (ITE) in the Department of Chemistry (Chemistry) provides a wide range of services from computer/research instrument repairs to custom design and construction of department webpages/research instruments . ITE also stocks a wide variety of electronics parts to use in repairs and construction. We support students, faculty, and staff to empower your teaching, learning, research, and creative activities.

For the teaching labs, ITE repairs everything from hot plates, stirrers, centrifuges and ovens to gas chromatographs and spectrophotometers.

For the research labs, ITE repairs various instruments mentioned above including but not limited to such things as lasers, NMRs, X-Ray machines, stepper motor controllers, amplifiers, microprocessor based mass spectrometer controllers, and computer based data collection systems.

ITE maintains Chemistry’s web server along with the office computers for 30+ faculty / 15+ staff / 100+ Graduate Students / 10+ postdocs /10 + visiting researchers in the Department and 150+ Linux computers used by several research groups. ITE is also able to custom build computers for specific research applications such as Linux clusters used in computational chemistry as well as for general purpose office use.

ITE configures Linux computers as Beowulf clusters and compile/install various computational chemistry programs. ITE also provides training to faculty/postdocs/students on high performance computing and helps them compile/install/run various computational chemistry programs on free supercomputers available from Holland Computing Center at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

ITE designs and maintains Chemistry’s webpages. In addition, ITE also offers custom design and construction of a faculty's group website or other special department relevant website.

ITE also sets up and maintains multimedia rooms with projectors and video conferencing equipment for Adobe Connect meetings.

For outside users, ITE provides all of the above described services to individuals, other departments and other universities.

Service Charges:
$15.64/hour Internal (Chemistry and Physics)
$71.00/hour All other departments
$107.00/hour outside UNL

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Hours & Contacts
8:30–5:00 M–F
(402) 472‐2684
Hamilton Hall 502
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