Elizabeth Zurfluh
Elizabeth Zurfluh

Elizabeth Zurfluh is one of two undergraduates who received the Fall 2015 Citation for Excellence in Teaching Award. Her resilience and passion to help students excel are two reasons she earned this award. Elizabeth goes the extra mile to help students push themselves.

“I felt really flattered and it was really nice to hear that they had recognized me as someone who was doing well at being a TA.”

Born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, this senior undergrad is pursuing both a biochemistry and English double major while juggling her teaching responsibilities. She said she loves teaching because it widens her scope and it opens her up to new experiences.

“Teaching provided me with new skills. I try to relay concepts in a simple way but leave some things open to have them ask questions,” Elizabeth said. “I like to keep it kind of light-hearted and focus on the interesting things we can do in chemistry …and point that out.”

“Elizabeth is fully engaged in our teaching program: She is a former lab TA, current recitation TA, and student assistant in the Chemistry Resource Center.  Always cheerful and hardworking, it is a pleasure to have Elizabeth on our team,” Jason Kautz, Professor of Practice, said.

“You just have to make sure that you are being the TA that you would want,” Elizabeth added. “You have to continually engage them.”

Elizabeth anticipates graduating, August 2016, and is considering going to medical school. One of her long-term goals is to pursue a career in the field of chemistry or biomedical research.

Additional Accomplishments

  • Volunteer lab assistant Spring 2014
  • TA for Introduction to Communications Studies (Comm. 109)
I like to make myself very open and approachable …and try to look at it from their point of view.