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Back: Xu, Jingzhi, Malachi, Patrick, Jacob, Jian Luo

Front: Trieu, Xin, Gabriel, Attila, Sherry, Jian Zhang. Not pictured: Tyler

The Zhang Lab is focused on the synthesis of novel inorganic, organic, and hybrid materials and the modulation of their catalytic and electrochemical properties. Our current emphasis is to design and prepare microporous inorganic and organic materials. The goal of the research program is to utilize these functional materials to address research challenges in producing clean and sustainable energy and solving global environmental problems.

Organic synthesis, inorganic synthesis, and physical characterization are the basis of our research. Students and post-doctoral researchers will gain research skills in inorganic, solvothermal, solid state, and organic synthesis. Routine physical characterization techniques includes single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction, gas-sorption analysis, thermogravimetry, electrochemistry, and spectroscopic techniques such as NMR, UV-Vis, MS, GC, IR, EPR, XPS, ICP-AES, XANES etc.


Jul 17, 2014: Jingzhi and Qipu’s paper “Porphyrinic porous organic frameworks: preparation and post-synthetic modification via demetallation-remetallation” has been accepted to Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Congratulations!

Jun 26, 2014: Jingzhi’s paper “Facile synthesis of azo-linked porous organic frameworks via reductive homocoupling for selective CO2 capture” has been accepted to Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Congratulations!

Jun 17, 2014: Sherry’s paper “Porosity Enhancement of Carbazolic Porous Organic Frameworks Using Dendritic Building Blocks for Gas Storage and Separation” has been accepted to Chemistry of Materials. Congratulations!

Jun 2, 2014: Patrick Brady joined the group to do REU summer research. Welcome!

Jun 2, 2014: Malachi Abede joined the group. Welcome!