Eric D. Dodds

Assistant Professor

Educational Background
Postdoctoral, University of Arizona
Ph.D. University of California Davis
B.S. University of Alaska Anchorage

Research Interests
Analytical chemistry; biochemistry; mass spectrometry; ion mobility spectrometry

Dodds Research Group
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Eric D. Dodds
Hamilton Hall 711
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Current Research
The efforts of the Dodds Research Group lie in the fields of analytical chemistry and biological chemistry, with emphasis on the central role of mass spectrometry at the intersection of these disciplines. We work to develop and apply state-of-the-art mass spectrometry methods for the elucidation biomolecular structure and assembly, with specific areas of focus including the study of protein glycosylation and the analysis of non-covalent biomolecular assemblies.

Our primary research tool is a Waters Synapt G2 HDMS. This instrument affords us a unique combination of analytical capabilities, including high resolution, accurate mass measurement over a wide mass range; tandem mass spectrometry using collision-induced dissociation and electron transfer dissociation; and ion mobility separation and collisional cross section measurement. In concert, these technologies allow us to address demanding questions in the bioanalytical, biochemical, and biomedical sciences while also advancing mass spectrometry methodology by expanding our knowledge of gas-phase ion structures and dissociation processes as they relate to bioanalysis.

GlycoproteomicContextWaters Synapt G2 HDMS instrument and an example of a three-dimensional data set including mass-to-charge ratio, ion mobility drift time, and ion intensity.

For more information, please visit the Dodds Research Group Homepage.

Selected Publications

Gas-phase dissociation of glycosylated peptide ions, E. D. DoddsMass Spectrometry Reviews (in press, DOI 10.1002/mas.21344). [LINK]

Research in bioanalysis and separations at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, D. S. Hage, E. D. Dodds, L. Du, and R. Powers, Bioanalysis 3: 1065-1076 (2011). [LINK]

Determinants of gas-phase disassembly behavior in homodimeric protein complexes with related yet divergent structures, E. D. Dodds, A. E. Blackwell, C. M. Jones, K. L. Holso, D. J. O'Brien, M. H. J. Cordes, and V. H. Wysocki, Analytical Chemistry 83: 3881-3889 (2011). [LINK]

Revealing the quaternary structure of a heterogeneous noncovalent protein complex through surface-induced dissociation, A. E. Blackwell, E. D. Dodds, V. Bandarian, and V. H. Wysocki, Analytical Chemistry 83: 2862-2865 (2011). [LINK]

Differentiation and quantification of C1 and C2 13C-labeled glucose by tandem mass spectrometry, W. Jiang, V. H. Wysocki, E. D. Dodds, R. L. Miesfeld, and P. Y. Scaraffia, Analytical Biochemistry 404: 40-44 (2010). [LINK]

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